Charmed FINOS Applications

The Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) is an independent nonprofit organization whose purpose is to accelerate collaboration and innovation in financial services through the adoption of open source software, standards and best practices. FINOS projects are using Juju and Charmed Operators (also known, more simply, as “charms”) to deliver an enterprise-grade experience for day-0 and day-2 operations in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Install FINOS applications in under 10-minutes

Looking to quickly try FINOS applications locally? You don’t need prior Kubernetes knowledge or a public cloud account! Check out these guides on deploying Legend and Waltz locally. Truly from zero to hero.

Charmed FINOS Landscape

Currently, the FINOS and Juju teams partnered to created charms (and bundles) for the Legend and Waltz stacks. We are currently working with FINOS members to charm even more projects!

Instructions are provided for a local deployment using MicroK8s (local) and EKS. Juju also works on several other clouds!

Charmed Legend

A flexible platform that offers solutions to explore, define, connect, and integrate data into your business processes.


Charmed Waltz

In a nutshell Waltz allows you to visualize and define your organisation’s technology landscape. Think of it like a structured Wiki for your architecture.


Last updated 10 months ago.