Spiculecharms Saiku Enterprise

Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 22 22 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 16.04
juju deploy spiculecharms-saiku-enterprise
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  • allow_parameters | boolean

    Default: True

    Allow users to create parameterised reports

  • cellset_formatter | string

    Default: flattened

    Alternative cellset formatter (Valid values flattened, flat)

  • default_view_state | string

    Default: view

    view or edit

  • dimension_hide_hierarchy | string

    Default: SINGLE_LEVEL

    Change the hierchy display (valid values are NONE, SINGLE_LEVEL, ALL)

  • dimension_prefetch | boolean

    Default: True

    prefetch the dimensions

  • dimension_show_all | boolean

    Default: True

    Show All Dimension Information

  • evaluation_panel_login | boolean

    Default: True

    Show or hide the demo users on the Login screen

  • hide_empty_rows | boolean

    Default: True

    hide empty rows to save space.

  • i18n_locale | string

    Default: en

    Override the default UI locale

  • members_from_result | boolean

    Default: True

    Get members for filter from result

  • members_limit | int

    Default: 3000

    Max members in UI

  • result_limit | int

    Limit of rows in result (0 = no limit)

  • show_refresh_nonadmin | boolean

    Default: True

    Allow non administrators to refresh the datasources

  • snap_proxy | string

    HTTP/HTTPS web proxy for Snappy to use when accessing the snap store.

  • table_lazy_load | boolean

    Default: True

    Lazy loading table to improve rendering performance

  • table_lazy_size | int

    Default: 1000

    Number of rows to batch load