Prometheus Charmers Prometheus Blackbox Exporter

Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 3 3 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04
latest/edge 2 2 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04
juju deploy prometheus-charmers-prometheus-blackbox-exporter
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.


16.04 18.04 20.04


Blackbox exporter for Prometheus Read more

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The prometheus-blackbox-exporter charm will no longer be maintained by prometheus-charmers. If you have this charm installed without a publisher (i.e. "cs:prometheus-blackbox-exporter") you do not need to do anything. The charm will automatically update to the new maintainer. If you are referencing "~prometheus-charmers/prometheus-blackbox-exporter" you will need to update to the new maintainer: "~llama-charmers/prometheus-blackbox-exporter" (

Juju prometheus Blackbox exporter charm

This charm provides the Prometheus Blackbox exporter, part of the Prometheus monitoring system

The charm should be related to the prometheus charm


To configure the blackbox exporter modules use the charm's modules config option.

As an example, if you store your exporter config in a local file called modules.yaml you can update the charm's configuration using:

juju config prometheus-blackbox-exporter modules=@modules.yaml

To confirm configuration was set:

juju config prometheus-blackbox-exporter