Charmed PostgreSQL VM

Channel Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 345 09 Nov 2023
Ubuntu 22.04 Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04
14/stable 363 21 Feb 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
14/candidate 363 31 Jan 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
14/beta 368 21 Feb 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
14/edge 372 Yesterday
Ubuntu 22.04
juju deploy postgresql --channel 14/stable
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How to enable COS Alert Rules

Charmed PostgreSQL VM ships a pre-configured and pre-enabled list of Awesome Alert Rules:

This guide will show how to set up Pushover to receive alert notifications from the COS Alert Manager.

For information about accessing and managing COS Alert Rules, refer to the COS documentation.


Enable COS alerts for Pushover

The following section is an example of the Pushover alerts aggregator.

The first step is to create a new account on Pushover (or use an existing one). The goal is to have the ‘user key’ and ‘token’ to authorize alerts for the Pushover application. Follow this straightforward Pushover guide.

Next, create a new COS Alert Manager config (replace user_key and token with yours):

cat > myalert.yaml << EOF
  resolve_timeout: 5m
    follow_redirects: true
    enable_http2: true
  receiver: placeholder
  - juju_model_uuid
  - juju_application
  - juju_model
  continue: false
  group_wait: 30s
  group_interval: 5m
  repeat_interval: 1h
- name: placeholder
    - user_key: <relace_with_your_user_key>
      token: <relace_with_your_token>
      url: http://<relace_with_grafana_public_ip>/cos-grafana/alerting/list
      title: "{{ range .Alerts }}{{ .Labels.severity }} - {{ if .Labels.juju_unit }}{{ .Labels.juju_unit }}{{ else }}{{ .Labels.juju_application }}{{ end }} in model {{ .Labels.juju_model }}: {{ .Labels.alertname }} {{ end }}"
      message: "{{ range .Alerts }} Job: {{ .Labels.job }} Instance: {{ .Labels.instance }} {{ end }}"
templates: []

Upload and apply newly the created alert manager config:

juju switch <k8s_cos_controller>:<cos_model_name>
juju config alertmanager config_file=@myalert.yaml

At this stage, the COS Alert Manager will start sending alert notifications to Pushover. Users can receive them on all supported Pushover clients/apps.

The image below shows an example of the Pushover web client:

Alert receivers

The similar way as above, COS alerts can be send to the long list of supported receivers.

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