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Apache Pig is a platform for creating MapReduce programs used with Hadoop. It consists of a high-level language (Pig Latin) for expressing data analysis programs, coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs. Learn more at pig.apache.org.

This charm deploys version 0.15.0 of the Pig component from Apache Bigtop.


This charm requires Juju 2.0 or greater. If Juju is not yet set up, please follow the getting-started instructions prior to deploying this charm.

This charm is intended to be deployed via one of the apache bigtop bundles. For example:

juju deploy hadoop-processing

This will deploy an Apache Bigtop Hadoop cluster. More information about this deployment can be found in the bundle readme.

Now add Pig and relate it to the cluster via the hadoop-plugin:

juju deploy pig
juju add-relation pig plugin

Network-Restricted Environments

Charms can be deployed in environments with limited network access. To deploy in this environment, configure a Juju model with appropriate proxy and/or mirror options. See Configuring Models for more information.



Apache Bigtop charms provide extended status reporting to indicate when they are ready:

juju status

This is particularly useful when combined with watch to track the on-going progress of the deployment:

watch -n 2 juju status

The message column will provide information about a given unit's state. This charm is ready for use once the status message indicates that it is ready.

Smoke Test

This charm provides a smoke-test action that can be used to verify the application is functioning as expected. Run the action as follows:

juju run-action pig/0 smoke-test

Watch the progress of the smoke test actions with:

watch -n 2 juju show-action-status

Eventually, the action should settle to status: completed. If it reports status: failed, the application is not working as expected. Get more information about a specific smoke test with:

juju show-action-output <action-id>


Once the deployment has been verified, Apache Pig will be available to execute Pig Latin jobs on your data. You can run Pig in a variety of modes:

Local Mode

Run Pig in local mode on the Pig unit with the following:

juju ssh pig/0
pig -x local

MapReduce Mode

MapReduce mode is the default for Pig. To run in this mode, ssh to the Pig unit and run pig as follows:

juju ssh pig/0


Apache Bigtop tracks issues using JIRA (Apache account required). File an issue for this charm at:


Ensure Bigtop is selected as the project. Typically, charm issues are filed in the deployment component with the latest stable release selected as the affected version. Any uncertain fields may be left blank.

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