Openstack Charmers Nova Compute Proxy

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Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 12 12 09 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 18.10 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy openstack-charmers-nova-compute-proxy
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18.10 18.04 16.04 14.04
  • config-flags | string

    Comma-separated list of key=value config flags. These values will be placed in the nova.conf [DEFAULT] section. Use with caution.

  • cpu-mode | string

    Default: none

    Set to 'host-model' to clone the host CPU feature flags; to 'host-passthrough' to use the host CPU model exactly; to 'custom' to use a named CPU model; to 'none' to not set any CPU model. If virt_type='kvm|qemu', it will default to 'host-model', otherwise it will default to 'none'. Defaults to 'host-passthrough' for ppc64el, ppc64le if no value is set.

  • cpu-model | string

    Set to a named libvirt CPU model (see names listed in /usr/share/libvirt/cpu_map.xml). Only has effect if cpu_mode='custom' and virt_type='kvm|qemu'.

  • data-port | string

    The data port will be added to br-data and will allow usage of flat or VLAN network types with Neutron.

  • debug | boolean

    Enabled debug level logging

  • disable-security-groups | boolean

    Disable neutron based security groups - setting this configuration option will override any settings configured via the neutron-api charm. . BE CAREFUL - this option allows you to disable all port level security within an OpenStack cloud.

  • instances-path | string

    Instance path to use - empty means default of /var/lib/nova/instances

  • openstack-release | string

    Default: mitaka

    OpenStack release to use for configuration of remote compute node.

  • prevent-arp-spoofing | boolean

    Default: True

    Enable suppression of ARP responses that don't match an IP address that belongs to the port from which they originate. . Only supported in OpenStack Liberty or newer, which has the required minimum version of Open vSwitch.

  • rabbit-user | string

    Default: nova

    Username used to access rabbitmq queue

  • rabbit-vhost | string

    Default: openstack

    Rabbitmq vhost

  • remote-hosts | string

    Remote compute node hosts to manager; space delimited.

  • remote-key | string

    SSH key to use to access remote compute nodes.

  • remote-password | string

    sudo password on remote compute node (NOT recommended). Use ssh key instead.

  • remote-repos | string

    Comma separated list of RPM repositorys of OpenStack packages to deploy to remote compute nodes.

  • remote-user | string

    Username used to access remote compute nodes.

  • reserved-host-memory | int

    Default: 512

    Amount of memory in MB to reserve for the host. Defaults to 512MB.

  • use-syslog | boolean

    By default, all services will log into their corresponding log files. Setting this to True will force all services to log to the syslog.

  • verbose | boolean

    Enabled verbose level logging