Nova Compute Vmware

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Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 1 1 11 Mar 2022
Ubuntu 14.04
latest/edge 1 1 11 Mar 2022
Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy nova-compute-vmware
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VMware vSphere integration for Nova Compute


This charm provides VMware vSphere integration for Nova Compute, allowing you to run instances on a VMware vSphere cluster managed by vCenter.

NOTE: This charm only supports deployment with >= OpenStack Icehouse, on Ubuntu 12.04 or >= 14.04.


The nova-compute-vmware charm has mandatory configuration to support access to the vCenter server managing the vSphere deployment:

    host-ip: myvcenter.vsphere
    host-username: accessusername
    host-password: accesspassword
    cluster-name: mycluster

A single nova-compute-vmware charm can also manage multiple clusters within a single vCenter server:

    cluster-name: "az1 az2"


The nova-compute-vmware charm is used in a similar way to the nova-compute charm; it is deployed with nova-cloud-controller, glance, keystone, mysql, rabbitmq-server and cinder as in a standard OpenStack cloud:

juju deploy --config config.yaml nova-compute-vmware
juju add-relation nova-compute-vmware rabbitmq-server
juju add-relation nova-compute-vmware glance
juju add-relation nova-compute-vmware mysql
juju add-relation nova-compute-vmware nova-cloud-controller

The nova-compute-vmware charm supports two networking options; Nova Network with FlatDHCPManager and Neutron with the VMware NSX plugin.

NOTE: the relation to mysql (or postgresql) is only required when using Nova Network FlatDHCPManager.


Nova Network

This network option configuration is supplied via the nova-cloud-controller charm:

    network-manager: FlatDHCPManager

When using FlatDHCPManager, the unit running the nova-compute-vmware charm must have a second network port attached to the 'flat-network-bridge' as specified in configuration and configured in vSphere - this defaults to br100. Private and public network creation should be completed as normal for a Nova Network managed cloud.

Neutron NSX

This network option configuration is supplied via the nova-cloud-controller charm:

    network-manager: Neutron
    quantum-plugin: nsx

Users of NSX should have already manually deployed the various NSX appliances and configured a transport zone with appropriate gateway services for access to instances. In addition, each ESXi hypervisor within the vSphere deployment must be configured with the NSX OVS vApp (for vSphere < 5.5) or the NSX vSwitch (for vSphere >= 5.5). For full details refer to the NSX User Guide documentation.

Details of the NSX controller nodes, access credentials, transport zone and l3 gateway service configuration also needs to be supplied via the nova-cloud-controller charm.