Mthaddon Prometheus Openstack Exporter

Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 1 1 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.10 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy mthaddon-prometheus-openstack-exporter
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18.04 16.10 16.04 14.04
  • cache-refresh-interval | int

    Default: 300

    Time in seconds between cache refresh

  • cpu-allocation-ratio | float

    Default: 4.0

    Same as nova-cloud-controller

  • disk-allocation-ratio | float

    Default: 1.0

    Similar to other allocation-ratios

  • extra-nrpe-args | string

    Additional arguments to set for the check_http Nagios nrpe check. E.g. if you wish to increase timeouts, set to '-w 20 -c 30'.

  • log_level | string

    Default: INFO

    Set log_level to the specified level (default: INFO).

  • nagios_context | string

    Default: juju

    A string that will be prepended to instance name to set the host name in nagios. So for instance the hostname would be something like: juju-myservice-0 If you're running multiple environments with the same services in them this allows you to differentiate between them.

  • nagios_servicegroups | string

    Default: juju

    Comma separated list of nagios servicegroups for the graphite check

  • os-credentials | string

    YAML string with admin user to use to query openstack APIs, e.g. "{ username: $OS_USERNAME, password: $OS_PASSWORD, tenant_name: $OS_TENANT_NAME, region_name: $OS_REGION_NAME, auth_url: '$OS_AUTH_URL' }"

  • port | int

    Default: 9183

    Port where the exporter listens

  • ram-allocation-ratio | float

    Default: 1.0

    Same as nova-cloud-controller

  • schedulable-instance-size | string

    Default: 1, 2048, 20

    Default "reference" instance size as: VCPU, RAM(MB), DISK(GB). E.g.: 1, 2048, 20

  • snap_channel | string

    Default: stable

    If install_method is set to "snap" this option controlls channel name. Supported values are: "stable", "candidate", "beta" and "edge"

  • snap_proxy | string

    DEPRECATED. Use snap-http-proxy and snap-https-proxy model configuration settings. HTTP/HTTPS web proxy for Snappy to use when accessing the snap store.

  • snap_proxy_url | string

    DEPRECATED. Use snap-store-proxy model configuration setting. The address of a Snap Store Proxy to use for snaps e.g.

  • snapd_refresh | string

    How often snapd handles updates for installed snaps. The default (an empty string) is 4x per day. Set to "max" to check once per month based on the charm deployment date. You may also set a custom string as described in the 'refresh.timer' section here:

  • ssl_ca | string

    TLS CA certficate, to be added as OS_CACERT

  • use_nova_volumes | string

    Default: True

    Value that will be added to prometheus-openstack-exporter.yaml. Set to "False" for clouds which don't have Cinder / Nova volumes.