Marton Kiss Openstack Service Checks

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latest/stable 0 0 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy marton-kiss-openstack-service-checks
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20.04 18.04 16.04 14.04


This charm provides OpenStack service checks for Nagios


juju deploy cs:~canonical-bootstack/openstack-service-checks
juju add-relation openstack-service-checks nrpe

This charm supports relating to keystone via the keystone-credentials interface. If you do not wish to use this, you can supply your own credential set for Openstack by adding 'os-credentials' setting (see setting description hints)

juju config openstack-services-checks os-credentials=" ... "

With Keystone

juju add-relation openstack-service-checks:identity-credentials keystone:identity-credentials

API endpoints monitoring

If your OpenStack API endpoints have a common URL for the Admin, Public and Internal addresses, you should consider disabling some endpoints which would be duplicated otherwise, e.g.

juju config openstack-service-checks check_internal_urls=False check_admin_urls=False

If such API endpoints use TLS, new checks will monitor the certificates expiration time:

juju config openstack-service-checks tls_warn_days=30 tls_crit_days=14

Note: in order to have endpoint checks updated on endpoint changes you should also relate identity-notifications:

juju add-relation keystone:identity-notifications openstack-service-checks:identity-notifications

Alternatively, instead of the above relation, there is also an action "refresh-endpoint-checks" available. Running this action will update the service checks with the current endpoints.

Compute services monitoring

Compute services are monitored via the 'os-services' interface. Several thresholds can be adjusted to tweak the alerting system: number of available nodes per host (warning and critical thresholds), ignore certain host aggregates (by default, no aggregates are skipped), ignore nodes in 'disabled' state.

juju config openstack-service-checks nova_warn=2 nova_crit=1
juju config openstack-service-checks skipped_host_aggregates='hostaggr1,hostaggr2'
juju config openstack-service-checks skip-disabled=true

Rally checks

A new nrpe check supports a limited list of rally/tempest tests, which can be scheduled to run via cron (default cronjob schedule is every 15 minutes). Tests can also be skipped as follows (available components are cinder, glance, nova and neutron):

juju config openstack-service-checks check-rally=true
juju config openstack-service-checks rally-cron-schedule='*/20 * * * *'
juju config openstack-service-checks skip-rally='nova,neutron'

Contact information

Please contact Canonical's BootStack team via the "Submit a bug" link. Upstream Project Name