Landscape Scalable

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latest/stable 23 01 Aug 2023
latest/beta 22 01 Aug 2023
latest/edge 22 16 May 2023
juju deploy landscape-scalable
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This bundle will deploy Landscape On-Premises. There are three slightly different versions of this bundle, explained below. The source code of these bundles are here.

Dense Deployment - MAAS

landscape-dense-maas - For MAAS where LXDs can be addressed externally, you can deploy to a single machine while at the same time making the service scalable in the future.

Dense Deployment - Other

landscape-dense - For other machine providers where LXD containers do not get externally routable IP addresses. This will deploy the frontend on the machine itself, and the remaining backend services in containers. This approach is not currently scalable to another physical system but conserves resources.

Scalable Deployment

landscape-scalable - A fully scalable multi-machine deployment.

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