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juju deploy cs:kubernetes-service-checks
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kubernetes-service-checks Charm


This charm provides Kubernetes Service checks for Nagios


juju deploy cs:kubernetes-service-checks
juju add-relation kubernetes-service-checks nrpe
juju add-relation kubernetes-service-checks:kube-api-endpoint kubernetes-master
juju add-relation kubernetes-service-checks:kube-control kubernetes-master
  • kubernetes-master:kube-api-endpoint - Provides KSC with the kubernetes-api hostname and port
  • kubernetes-master:kube-control - Provides KSC with a kubernetes-api client-token for authentication
  • nrpe:nrpe-external-master - Required for nagios; provides additional plugins

Note: Future relations with kubernetes-master may be changed so that a single relation can provide the K8S api hostname, port, client token and ssl ca cert.

Config Options

trusted_ssl_ca (Optional) Setting this option enables SSL host certificate authentication in the api checks

juju config kubernetes-service-checks trusted_ssl_ca="${KUBERNETES_API_CA}"

Service Checks

The plugin check_kubernetes_api.py ships with this charm and contains an array of checks for the k8s api health.

check_kubernetes_api.py --help
usage: check_kubernetes_api.py [-h] [-H HOST] [-P PORT] [-T CLIENT_TOKEN]
                               [--check health] [-C SSL_CA_PATH]

Check Kubernetes API status

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -H HOST, --host HOST  Hostname or IP of the kube-api-server (default: None)
  -P PORT, --port PORT  Port of the kube-api-server (default: 6443)
                        Client access token for authenticate with the
                        Kubernetes API (default: None)
  --check health        which check to run (default: health)
  -C SSL_CA_PATH, --trusted-ca-cert SSL_CA_PATH
                        String containing path to the trusted CA certificate
                        (default: None)

health - This polls the kubernetes-api /healthz endpoint. Posting a GET to this URL endpoint is expected to return 200 - 'ok' if the api is healthy, otherwise 500.

Other Checks

Certificate Expiration: The check_http plugin is shipped with nrpe, and contains a built in cert expiration check. The warning and crit thesholds are configurable:

juju config kubernetes-service-checks tls_warn_days=90
juju config kubernetes-service-checks tls_crit_days=30


Juju should be installed and bootstrapped on the system to run functional tests.

export MODEL_SETTINGS=<semicolon-separated list of "juju model-config" settings>
make test

NOTE: If you are behind a proxy, be sure to export a MODEL_SETTINGS variable as described above. Note that you will need to use the juju-http-proxy, juju-https-proxy, juju-no-proxy and similar settings.

Contact information

Please contact Canonical's BootStack team via the "Submit a bug" link.