Jenkins Agent

  • By Jenkins CI Charmers
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 5 5 10 May 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy jenkins-ci-charmers-jenkins-agent
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  • image | string

    Default: jenkinscicharmers/jenkinsagent:edge

    The docker image to install. Required. Defaults to jenkins-agent image on dockerhub

  • jenkins_agent_labels | string

    Comma-separated list of labels to be assigned to the agent in Jenkins. If not set it will default to the agents hardware identifier, e.g.: 'x86_64'

  • jenkins_agent_name | string

    Agent name as configured in Jenkins. Multiple names can be input by using `:` as a separator. Example: "agent-one:agent-two:agent-three"

  • jenkins_agent_token | string

    Agent token provided by Jenkins. Can be found in your Jenkins instance at ${JENKINS_URL}/computer/${AGENT_NAME}/. Multiple tokens can be input by using `:` as a separator matching the order of the agents in `jenkins_agent_name`. Example: "token-one:token-two:token-three"

  • jenkins_master_url | string

    Configure the agent to use an explicit Jenkins master instead of using the jenkins-agent relation. This allows the agent to connect to a Jenkins instance not managed by Juju.