James Page Openstack Kpi Scripts

  • By James Page
Channel Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 44 09 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04
juju deploy james-page-openstack-kpi-scripts
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20.04 18.04
  • gerrit-ssh-private-key | string

    Private SSH key for access to review.openstack.org

  • gerrit-username | string

    Username for access to review.openstack.org

  • github-token | string

    Token for GitHub API

  • launchpad-credentials | string

    A base64-encoded file to be used as the launchpad credentials file.

  • launchpad-credentials-file | string

    Default: /home/ubuntu/.openstack-kpi-scripts/launchpad.credentials

    Where to place the launchpad credentials file. This should be an old-style auth token with a consumer name of openstack-kpi-scripts, not a modern "desktop integration" one, for which use create-launchpad-access-token.py from is-scripts.

  • prometheus-push-gateway | string

    URL for Prometheus Push Gateway

  • run-as | string

    Default: ubuntu

    User as which to run the scripts