James Page Nova Compute Vmware

  • By James Page
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 37 37 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 14.04
latest/edge 37 37 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy james-page-nova-compute-vmware
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  • cluster-name | string

    VMware Cluster name. Multiple clusters may be managed - space delimited.

  • config-flags | string

    Comma separated list of key=value config flags to be set in nova.conf.

  • database | string

    Default: nova

    Database name

  • database-user | string

    Default: nova

    Username for database access

  • debug | boolean

    Enable/disable debug level logging.

  • flat-network-bridge | string

    Default: br100

    FlatDHCP networking bridge. This value needs to match the name of the port group that exists in the ESXi networking configuration. To be used with nova-network's FlatDHCPManager.

  • host-ip | string

    IP address for connecting to VMware VC server.

  • host-password | string

    Password for authenticating with VMware VC server.

  • host-username | string

    Username for authenticating with VMware VC server.

  • integration-bridge | string

    Default: br-int

    VMware integration bridge for Neutron networking with VMware NSX.

  • nagios_context | string

    Default: juju

    Used by the nrpe-external-master subordinate charm. A string that will be prepended to instance name to set the host name in nagios. So for instance the hostname would be something like: juju-myservice-0 If you're running multiple environments with the same services in them this allows you to differentiate between them.

  • openstack-origin | string

    Default: distro

    Repository from which to install. May be one of the following: distro (default), ppa:somecustom/ppa, a deb url sources entry, or a supported Cloud Archive release pocket. Supported Cloud Archive sources include: cloud:precise-folsom, cloud:precise-folsom/updates, cloud:precise-folsom/staging, cloud:precise-folsom/proposed. Note that updating this setting to a source that is known to provide a later version of OpenStack will trigger a software upgrade.

  • rabbit-user | string

    Default: nova

    Username used to access rabbitmq queue

  • rabbit-vhost | string

    Default: openstack

    Rabbitmq vhost

  • use-syslog | boolean

    By default, all services will log into their corresponding log files. Setting this to True will force all services to log to the syslog.

  • verbose | boolean

    Enable/disable verbose level logging.

  • vlan-interface | string

    Default: vmnic0

    VMware ESXi ethernet adapter name for nova-network VLANManager.