Ionutbalutoiu Test Saml Idp

  • By Ionut-Madalin Balutoiu
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 6 6 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 20.10 Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04
juju deploy ionutbalutoiu-test-saml-idp
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20.10 20.04 18.04

SimpleSAMLphp Juju Charm

This Juju charm will configure a local SAML-based IDP instance using the SimpleSAMLphp project.


The charm can be deployed with:

juju deploy cs:~ionutbalutoiu/test-saml-idp

After it is deployed, it will stay in blocked state with the message:

sp-metadata resource is not a well-formed xml file

until a valid XML SP metadata file is attached via:

juju attach-resource test-saml-idp sp-metadata=./sp-metadata.xml

The charm has a Juju action, called get-idp-metadata, used to fetch the IdP metadata.xml. This needs to be exchanged with the SP.

For example, the IdP metadata.xml can be used in conjunction with the keystone-saml-mellon charm, and it can be attached as a resource:

juju attach-resource keystone-saml-mellon idp-metadata=./idp-metadata.xml

The IdP web interface can be accessed at http://<UNIT_ADDRESS>/simplesaml.

For authentication, there is a fixed set of a user/password credentials defined in the charm config via auth-user-name and auth-user-password. Or, you can use the default admin with the password given in the charm config as admin-password.