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juju deploy ibmcharmers-ibm-platform-symphony-storage
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.
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Charm for IBM Platform Symphony Storage v7.1.1


IBM Platform Symphony Storage

IBM Platform Symphony (Symphony) is enterprise-class software that distributes and virtualizes compute-intensive application services and processes across existing heterogeneous IT resources.

For details on IBM Platform Symphony, as well as information on purchasing, please visit:

Product Page and at the Passport Advantage Site.

More information available at the IBM Knowledge Center


Download your licensed IBM Platform Symphony 7.1.1 version for Ubuntu. To acquire and download IBM Platform Symphony, follow instructions available at the Product Page.

This charm will deploy only the Standard edition for Platform Symphony. To download and install the code contained in this charm you must agree to the IBM license. You can view the full license for IBM Platform Symphony by visiting the Software license agreements search website. Search for "IBM Platform Symphony, v7.1.1" and choose the license that applies to the version you are using.

For x86_64 Ubuntu, the package name and part number is:

pssasetup2015_linux-x86_64 (CN81EEN)

For Power Ubuntu, the package name and part number is:

pssasetup2015_linux-ppc64le (CN81JEN)

Entitlement for x86_64 Ubuntu and Power Ubuntu will be same and its package name and part number is:

platform_sym_adv_entitlement.dat (CN82FEN)

In case you already have an IBM account and cannot download the product or for other error during SW download, please refer to the IBM Support Site to solve the error.

Download of Product Binaries

Once you have downloaded the correct packages for IBM Platform Symphony, host it on a SFTP or web server. Keep all the required three files i.e. Installer Package, Installation Package and Entitlement file in a directory. The IBM Platform Symphony Storage charm will connect to this server(either SFTP or HTTP method) and download the required packages, hence make sure that the SFTP or HTTP URL is accessible before deploying the charm.


This charm uses NFS for file sharing (Note: No separate NFS charm required, it is handled by Symphony code only). If you are deploying the Symphony charm on a LXC container, such as the juju local provider, there are additional steps that need to be taken prior to deployment due to NFS limitation on LXC containers.

On the LXC host:

   apt-get install nfs-common
   modprobe nfsd
   mount -t nfsd nfsd /proc/fs/nfsd

Edit /etc/apparmor.d/lxc/lxc-default and add the following three lines to it:

   mount fstype=nfs,
   mount fstype=nfs4,
   mount fstype=nfsd,
   mount fstype=rpc_pipefs,

after which:

   sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor restart

Once this is done, then you can deploy your IBM Platform Symphony charm.

This charm will deploy Symphony Storage Server. Symphony Storage Server will act as a shared file system where Symphony will be installed. All the other hosts i.e.Master/Master Candidates and Servers will be accessing this Storage server. The shared Symphony directory /opt/ibm/platformsymphony will be mounted to each host.

To configure a Symphony Cluster, you need to deploy Symphony Storage Server, Master/Master-Candidate and Server. This charm will deploy only Symphony Storage, You need to deploy IBM Platform Symphony Master and IBM Platform Symphony node charm to have a working Symphony Cluster

To deploy IBM Platform Symphony Storage Charm, follow the below steps: 1) Deploy the Symphony Storage charm

   juju deploy ibm-platform-symphony-storage

2) Set all required config values like the curl__opts to log into the host machine and curl_url which specifies the url to download the packages, by using juju set command. To provide these run the following command:

   juju set ibm-platform-symphony-storage curl_opts=<login credentials>

   juju set ibm-platform-symphony-storage curl_url=<url to download package and sha value>

For eg:

  juju set ibm-platform-symphony-storage curl_url="http://<server-hostname>debs/ibm-platform-symphony/pssasetup2015_linux-ppc64le.bin?sha512=<checksum1> http://<server-hostname>/debs/ibm-platform-symphony/platform_sym_adv_entitlement.dat?sha512=<checksum2>"

  juju set ibm-platform-symphony-storage curl_opts="-u <username>:<password>"

where <server-hostname> is the server where you have hosted the Symphony packages <checksum1>... <checksum3> are the checksums for the repsective packages i.e Installer, Installation or Distribution package and Entitlement file Cryptographic verification is required and must be specified as part of the URL query string with the key a valid hash algorithms md5, sha256, or sha512, and the the checksum value itself

The command to find the checksum value is :

sha512sum <Package Name> | cut -d" " -f1 
(In the above example sha512 is used, you can use SHA256 or md5 as well)

In the above example, the packages are hosted on webserver, so http protocol is used, if you have placed the packages on sftp server, then replace the protocol with sftp

4)At this point Platform Symphony install will wait for you to accept the License. To install the downloaded binaries you must agree to the IBM license. If you agree to the license, run the following command (without accepting License Platform Symphony cannot be installed):

juju set ibm-platform-symphony-storage license_accepted="True" 

Note: Setting the License to False will uninstall the product.

Installation Verification

Once your IBM Platform Symphony is installed successfully, you can login into the container and go the Symphony Install path : cd /opt/ibm/platformsymphony where all Symphony configuration and bin files will be present.

Please Note that this is a Storage Server, this host will not be part of Symphony Cluster, so Symphony Daemons will not be running

Relations with IBM Platform Symphony Master and Symphony node charms

The Symphony Storage server charm in itself is not useful until a relation is established between Symphony Storage and Symphony Master Charm. Please refer to IBM Platform Symphony Master charm README for more details.

Uninstallation of IBM Platform Symphony Storage

Setting the license_accepted to False will uninstall the product.

juju set ibm-platform-symphony-storage license_accepted=False

The Symphony product will be uninstalled, incase any relations exist between Symphony Storage and Symphony Master or Symphony node, they will also not functionally workas Symphony files will be not be available.


See config.yaml file for more information.


Before you can use or install IBM Platform Symphony, you must accept the terms of International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs and additional license information. The IBM Platform Symphony software cannot be installed until the terms and conditions are accepted. The charm will not function correctly until the configuration option is set to True.


For downloading package we need to set curl_url with following options.

  • hostname - The web server host name from which IBM Platform Symphony installation packages can be downloaded.
  • package_dir - The package directory path in the web server/sftp server.
  • package name - The IBM Platform Symphony Package name.
  • checksum value - Checksum value to check integrity of IBM Platform Symphony package. If empty, it does not carry out the integrity check.


We need to set curl_opts with following options.

  • username - User name of the webserver/sftp host.
  • password - Password of the webserver/sftp host.

IBM Platform Symphony Information

(1) General Information Information on IBM Platform Symphony available at the IBM Knowledge Center

(2) Download Information Information on procuring IBM Platform Symphony product is available at the Passport Advantage Site

(3) Contact Information For issues with this charm, please contact IBM Juju Support Team

(4) Known Limitations This charm makes use of Juju Status commands, and requires juju 1.24 or greater