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juju deploy ibmcharmers-ibm-http
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.
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latest/stable 9 9 19 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 14.04




IBM HTTP-SERVER Product Read more

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IBM Http Server is a full-featured web server that is included with other products such as IBM WebSphere Application Server at no charge. You can use this web server for projects that do not warrant the expense of a priced and supported http server. The IBM Http Server is based on the Apache Http Server and provides a rich set of Apache features in addition to IBM enhancements.

User guides and security guides to support this release are available for online viewing User Guide


This charm makes use of resources, a feature only available in Juju 2.0. During deploy or upgrade, you will need to specify the installable package(s) required by this charm. Download your licensed IBM Http-Server packages from the Product Page.

Package for Ubuntu on AMD64 (x86_64):

IBM Installation Manager 1.8.3 (

IBM Http-Server 8.5
( , ,

Package for Ubuntu on Power (ppc64le):

IBM Installation Manager 1.8.3 (

IBM Http-Server 8.5


To use this charm, you must agree to the Terms of Use. You can view the full license for IBM Installation Manager and IBM-HTTP-SERVER by visiting the im-license-info and http-license-info page.
Search for "IBM-Http-Server" and choose the license that applies to the version you are using.

IBM-Http-Server is built on top of the ibm-im layer More Info. So user has to provide the IBM-IM resource when deploying the ibm-http-server.

As IBM-Http charm is a subordinate charm, any principle charm (ibm-was-base/ibm-was-nd) should exist on a container before deploying http-server.


Run the following commands to deploy this charm:

juju deploy ibm-http --resource ibm_im_installer=</path/to/> --resource ibm_http_installer1=</path/to/> --resource ibm_http_installer2=</path/to/> --resource ibm_http_installer3=</path/to/>

IBM-Http charm has three components IHS,PLG,WCT. This charm requires acceptance of Terms of Use. When deploying from the Charm Store, these terms will be presented to you for your consideration. To accept the terms:

juju agree ibm-im/1 ibm-http-server/2 ibm-http-plg/1 ibm-http-wct/1

Add a relation between ibm-http and any principle charm(ibm-was-base/ibm-was-nd):

juju add-relation ibm-http <principle charm>

Once deployed, users can install fixpacks by upgrading the charm:

juju attach ibm-http ibm_http_server_fixpack1=</path/to/>
juju attach ibm-http ibm_http_server_fixpack2=</path/to/>
juju attach ibm-http ibm_http_server_WCT_fixpack1=</path/to/>
juju attach ibm-http ibm_http_server_WCT_fixpack2=</path/to/>

Note: IBM-Http-Server has multiple fixpack packages. WCT component of ibm-http charm has a different package. User must make sure to provide all the packages required.

If user wants to upgrade the layer charm IBM-IM, provide the IM fixpack.

juju attach ibm-http ibm_im_fixpack=</path/to/>
Installation Verification

Once deployed, you can use IBM Http-Server. To verify Http-Server is installed, list the contents of the installation directory:

juju run --application ibm-http 'ls /opt/IBM/HTTPServer'

Additional Information


Details about IBM Http-Server available here.


Information on procuring IBM Http-Server product is available at the Product Page.


License information for IBM Http-Server can be viewed Here.

Known Limitations

This charm makes use of Juju features that are only available in version 2.0 or greater.

Contact Information

For issues with this charm, please contact IBM Juju Support Team.