Galera Cluster

Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 1 1 11 Nov 2020
Ubuntu 14.04
latest/edge 1 1 11 Nov 2020
Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy galera-cluster
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  • access-network | string

    The IP address and netmask of the 'access' network (e.g., . This network will be used for access to database services.

  • dataset-size | string

    Default: 80%

    How much data do you want to keep in memory in the DB. This will be used to tune settings in the database server appropriately. Suffix this value with 'K','M','G', or 'T' to get the relevant kilo/mega/etc. bytes. If suffixed with %, one will get that percentage of RAM devoted to dataset.

  • ha-bindiface | string

    Default: eth0

    Default network interface on which HA cluster will bind to communication with the other members of the HA Cluster.

  • ha-mcastport | int

    Default: 5490

    Default multicast port number that will be used to communicate between HA Cluster nodes.

  • innodb-file-per-table | boolean

    Default: True

    Turns on innodb_file_per_table option, which will make MySQL put each InnoDB table into separate .idb file. Existing InnoDB tables will remain in ibdata1 file - full dump/import is needed to get rid of large ibdata1 file

  • max-connections | int

    Default: -1

    Maximum connections to allow. -1 means use the server's compiled in default.

  • prefer-ipv6 | boolean

    If True enables IPv6 support. The charm will expect network interfaces to be configured with an IPv6 address. If set to False (default) IPv4 is expected. . NOTE: these charms do not currently support IPv6 privacy extension. In order for this charm to function correctly, the privacy extension must be disabled and a non-temporary address must be configured/available on your network interface.

  • root-password | string

    Root password for MySQL access; must be configured pre-deployment for Active-Active clusters.

  • source | string

    Additional package install location

  • source-galera | string

    Package install location for Galera Cluster (defaults to distro for >= 14.04)

  • source-galera-key | string

    Default: BC19DDBA

    key for source-galera repository

  • sst-password | string

    Re-sync account password for new cluster nodes; must be configured pre-deployment for Active-Active clusters.

  • vip | string

    Virtual IP to use to front Galera Cluster in active/active HA configuration

  • vip_cidr | int

    Default: 24

    Netmask that will be used for the Virtual IP

  • vip_iface | string

    Default: eth0

    Network interface on which to place the Virtual IP