Etherpad Lite

Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 12 12 11 Mar 2022
Ubuntu 12.04
latest/edge 12 12 11 Mar 2022
Ubuntu 12.04
juju deploy etherpad-lite
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Etherpad lite is a really-real time collaborative editor spawned from the Hell fire of Etherpad. It reuses the well tested Etherpad easysync library to make it really realtime.

Etherpad Lite is based on node.js ergo is much lighter and more stable than the original Etherpad. Our hope is that this will encourage more users to use and install a realtime collaborative editor.

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Etherpad will happily sit on single server::

juju deploy etherpad-lite

but it can also be backed by mysql::

juju deploy mysql juju add-relation etherpad-lite mysql

Note that if you switch an existing etherpad-lite instance to use mysql you will lose all of the pads within your standalone deployment - same applies vica-versa.

The charm config has the following configurables:

application_url: Bundled BZR branch with node.js deps
application_revision: branch revision to update
install_dir: directory to install to
extra_archives: get an appropriate version of node.js and related packages

To upgrade, set application_revision to the latest version:

juju upgrade-charm etherpad-lite

Your data will be retained in {install_dir}-db, or fixup the mysql relation as above.