• By Arturo Enrique Seijas Fernández
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 6 6 10 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/edge 15 15 05 Jan 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy discourse-k8s
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Below is the roadmap for the Discourse K8s Operator.

October 2022 to April 2023

  • Transition to sidecar. The charm as currently published in the “stable” channel is using the older “pod-spec” approach to k8s charming. We plan to complete the conversion to the sidecar approach, adding liveness/readiness checks as appropriate.
  • Update CI/CD. The IS DevOps team has some common workflows and we’ll integrate with these to add linting, unit tests, static code analysis, integration tests and inclusive naming checks.
  • Integration with COS.
  • Documentation improvements - updating the home page, integrating the Diataxis documentation framework and including project governance information.
  • SAML integration test.

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