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Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 28 28 08 Apr 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy discourse-charmers-discourse-k8s
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  • cors_origin | string

    Default: *

    Cors origin string to use, defaults to '*'

  • db_name | string

    PostgreSQL database name. Defaults to Juju Application name.

  • developer_emails | string

    Comma delimited list of email addresses that should have developer level access

  • discourse_image | string

    Default: discoursecharmers/discourse:v2.6.1

    Discourse image to use

  • enable_cors | boolean

    Default: true

    Enable Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS) at the application level (required for SSO)

  • external_hostname | string

    External hostname this discourse instance should respond to

  • force_saml_login | boolean

    Force saml login (full screen, no local database logins)

  • image_pass | string

    Private registry password

  • image_user | string

    Private registry username

  • max_body_size | int

    Default: 20

    Max allowed body-size (for file uploads) in megabytes, set to 0 to disable limits

  • redis_host | string

    Redis host name / IP

  • saml_target_url | string

    SAML authentication target url

  • smtp_address | string

    Hostname / IP that should be used to send SMTP mail

  • smtp_authentication | string

    Default: none

    Type of smtp authentication to use

  • smtp_domain | string

    Hostname that email sent by this discourse should appear to come from

  • smtp_openssl_verify_mode | string

    Default: none

    Should discourse verify SSL certs

  • smtp_password | string

    Password to use when sending mail via SMTP

  • smtp_port | int

    Default: 587

    Port to use when connecting to SMTP server

  • smtp_username | string

    Username to use when sending mail via SMTP

  • throttle_level | string

    Default: none

    Throttle level - blocks excessive usage by ip. Valid values: none, permissive, strict

  • tls_secret_name | string

    The name of the K8s secret to be associated with the ingress resource.