Containers Sriov Network Device Plugin

  • By Ubuntu Containers Team
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 7 7 16 Dec 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/candidate 6 6 18 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/beta 7 7 18 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/edge 3 3 18 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy containers-sriov-network-device-plugin
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.



SR-IOV Network Device Plugin Read more

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SR-IOV Network Device Plugin Charm

This is an early proof-of-concept for deploying and managing Intel's SR-IOV Network Device Plugin via Juju.



Build the charm with charmcraft:

charmcraft build

Deploy Charmed Kubernetes with storage support.

Add k8s to Juju controller:

juju scp kubernetes-master/0:config ~/.kube/config
juju add-k8s my-k8s-cloud --controller $(juju switch | cut -d: -f1)

Create k8s model:

juju add-model my-k8s-model my-k8s-cloud

Deploy the SR-IOV Network Device Plugin:

juju deploy ./sriov-network-device-plugin.charm --resource sriov-network-device-plugin-image=nfvpe/sriov-device-plugin:v3.2