Cloudbaseit Nsclient

Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 6 6 18 Mar 2021
windows 2016nano windows 2016 windows 2012r2 windows 2012hvr2 windows 2012hv windows 2012
juju deploy cloudbaseit-nsclient
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2016nano 2016 2012r2 2012hvr2 2012hv 2012
  • allow-arguments | boolean

    Default: True

    Determines whether or not we will allow clients to specify arguments to commands that are executed.

  • allow-nasty-characters | boolean

    Default: True

    Indicates if this NSClient permits sending some characters which are consired harmful through NRPE. See '' at section 'Nasty metacharacters'.

  • allowed-hosts | string


    These are the Nagios servers allowed to connect to this NSClient. Multiple hosts can be given as a comma-delimited list.

  • extended-response | boolean

    Send more than 1 return packet to allow response to go beyond payload size.

  • insecure | boolean

    Default: True

    Boolean value which indicates if HTTPS insecure connections are permitted.

  • installer-url | string

    Download URL for the Windows MSI or ZIP installer. If this is not set, charm uses the juju resources or the default upstream installers.

  • monitors | string

    Additional check fields. See README for more details and usage.

  • nrpe-port | int

    Default: 5666

    The TCP port used by NSClient to listen for requests.

  • nsclient-port | int

    Default: 12489

    Port used by a server that listens for incoming check_nt connection and processes incoming requests.

  • password | string

    Password to use for Nagios administrative access. This is used only for check_nt protocol.

  • ssl-options | string

    Default: no-sslv2,no-sslv3

    Options for configuring NSClient SSL.

  • use-ssl | boolean

    Default: True

    This option controls if SSL is enabled or not.