Cloudbaseit Mssql Express

Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 6 6 09 Feb 2022
windows 2016 windows 2012r2 windows 2012
latest/edge 1 1 18 Mar 2021
windows 2012r2
juju deploy cloudbaseit-mssql-express
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2016 2012r2 2012
  • installer-url | string

    This option overrides the default value for download link when selecting MSSQL version. If provided, this value will be used regardless of selected version of MSSQL in the "version" config option.

  • sa-password | string

    Password used by the SA login. System administrator (SA) is a special login assigned to the 'sysadmin' fixed server role and cannot be changed.

  • version | int

    Default: 2014

    Microsoft SQL Server Express version to be installed by the charm. The installer specific to this version is downloaded and installed unless "installer-url" config option is specified. Supported versions are: 2012, 2014.