Barryprice Tor Hidden

  • By Barry Price
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 4 4 08 Nov 2021
Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy barryprice-tor-hidden
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20.04 18.04 16.04 14.04
  • bridges | string

    Tor bridges to connect through, of the form "<addr> <fingerprint>", comma separated.

  • extra_packages | string

    Space separated list of extra deb packages to install.

  • install_keys | string

    List of signing keys for install_sources package sources, per charmhelpers standard format (a yaml list of strings encoded as a string). The keys should be the full ASCII armoured GPG public keys. While GPG key ids are also supported and looked up on a keyserver, operators should be aware that this mechanism is insecure. null can be used if a standard package signing key is used that will already be installed on the machine, and for PPA sources where the package signing key is securely retrieved from Launchpad.

  • install_sources | string

    List of extra apt sources, per charm-helpers standard format (a yaml list of strings encoded as a string). Each source may be either a line that can be added directly to sources.list(5), or in the form ppa:<user>/<ppa-name> for adding Personal Package Archives, or a distribution component to enable.

  • package_status | string

    Default: install

    The status of service-affecting packages will be set to this value in the dpkg database. Valid values are "install" and "hold".

  • socks5_port | int

    Default: 9050

    SOCKS5 proxy port