Alai Nuage Nuage Vrs

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latest/stable 0 0 18 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 14.04
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Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy alai-nuage-nuage-vrs
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Nuage VRS


The principle use of this charm is with the nova-compute charm as a subordinate and used within an OpenStack deployment .

This charm should be used with other principle charms to install and configure the service units as Transport Nodes within a Nuage controller cluster.

NOTE: this charm relies on binaries that are distributed to customers of Nuage Networks VSP solution.


The VRS repositories are as an URL (http/ppa) by Nuage Networks to customers to download and deploy using Juju deployer..

The charm expects to find deb's; if they are missing the install hook will error out.

To deploy: juju deploy nuage-vrs juju add-relation nuage-vrs nova-compute juju add-relation nuage-vrs nuage-vsc

Note that the nuage-vsc relation is optional if the nuage services are not deployed using JUJU chanrms.


vsc-controller-active: Active VRS controller to use. This parameter is required only if the nuage-vsc service is not deployed using charms in the same deployment.. vsc-controller-standby: Optional Standby VRS controller to use. vrs-packages: List of packages to install for VRS. vrs-repository-url: Optional URL to Nuage VRS repository containing Debian packages. vrs-ppa-key: Optional KEY to Nuage VRS PPA containing Debian packages.